Dutch Fokker D.XXI – Resurrection Update – May, 2021

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Back in February 2019, we published a story HERE about ambitious plans to build an accurate, airworthy replica of the iconic, though all-but-extinct Fokker D.XXI fighter plane. The project is coming together under the direction of experienced aircraft aircraft maintenance and restoration professional, Jack Van Egmond, within his hangar at Hoogeveen Airport in The Netherlands. It has been nearly a year since our last update HERE in mid-July 2020, but despite the limitations of our times, the construction team has advanced effectively.

In a recent message from the project’s publicist, Sjoerd Looijenga, we learned the following about the D.XXI’s present status…

Fokker D.XXI PH-XXI is progressing quite quickly towards her first flight. The new-born Dutch WWII fighter recently performed the first fast-taxi run at Hoogeveen-airport in The Netherlands. While the impact of COVID-19 delayed the work, the Dutch volunteers eventually overcame these issues. The ambitious plan to build an airworthy replica of the iconic Fokker D.XXI is now in the final decisive phase.

As with most warbird restorations, this final phase often seems to take longer than expected. However, the Fokker’s hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems are now fully installed and tested and the flight controls work according to the appropriate Dutch regulations. The final weight and balance procedure has also been performed successfully. So the ILNT and Dutch Ministry of Aviation may issue the aircraft a ‘permit to fly’ any time.

There are still some small details which need addressing, of course; the hand-formed sheet metal fairings which cover the fixed wheel undercarriage need some fine tuning and final work in the cockpit is also in progress. At this stage, there is no definitive timing for the Fokker’s maiden flight, but the team hopes to be ready by sometime in July/August this year. The resurrection of the ‘Dutch Flying Legend’ will be a momentous day, for sure, and make many people proud.

This really is a remarkable project, and we really look forwards to seeing the aircraft in the air! Anyone wishing to help the team move forwards can make a donation HERE. For more information, please check the project’s Facebook page or www.egmondvintagewings.com


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