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B-17 Yankee Lady Has a New Home

Warbirds News
A few weeks ago, we published an interview with Kevin Walsh, President and CEO of the Michigan Flight Museum describing the challenges of rebranding the organization from its longtime former identity as the Yankee Air […]
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Aussie Antiquers 50th Fly-In

Vintage Aviation
By Commissioning Editor James Kightly On the extended weekend of the April 18th – 21st  2024, the Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia (AAAA, or generally known to the aficionados as the ‘Antiquers’) celebrated the organization’s […]

NASA Retires Its DC-8

Vintage Aviation
By Adam Estes When the Douglas DC-8 was first flown in 1958, it was just the second American jetliner produced, second only to the Boeing 707, and was among the first narrow-body, four-engine jetliners that […]

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