Angela Decker – Reporter / Social Media -USA

Angela Decker

I was born and raised in McPherson, Kansas, just 50 miles from “The Air Capital of The World”, Wichita, Kansas. I actually grew up around the roar of naturally aspirated engines, with vintage cars, car shows, and vintage drag racing of all kinds being part of my world from birth. My contacts in vintage drag racing remain many and on occasion that world and my vintage aviation world weld together for various events. My love for aviation actually began after I received my Masters Degree in Military History from Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont in 2011 – the nation’s oldest private military college and birthplace of ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps).

A desire to volunteer in a field related to military history brought me to vintage aviation in 2012. Through a willingness to take on any task and a gift for a turn of phrase, I have had the opportunity to work with many vintage aviation and vintage drag racing groups as a social media collaborator or coordinator in those 11 years since. From a fleet of C-47s, to a hangar of WWII military flying gems, to onsite event content, to historical stories worth saving for generations to come, I have spun a tale, trained staff, consulted with start-ups, and generally found a niche for myself as a sought after social media content creator.

I have also had the opportunity to coordinate and co-chair several aviation or World War II events, go on the road with flying World War II aircraft, appear as Rosie the Riveter at various events, and am currently working on a restoration team that is restoring a Stearman as a tribute to Rosie the Riveter. I also currently serve as the Operations Logistics Coordinator at CAF Airbase Georgia.

My greatest accomplishment in life remains my son, Caden, who is currently in college completing a degree in Digital Media Arts with a wide array of talents in design, programming, and content creation under his belt. He also maintains a love for aviation and history in general, having grown up working in our maintenance shop at Airbase Georgia and volunteering at events. I work as an accountant as my day job, with my undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Georgia. I am also an accomplished musician who has been singing and playing the piano since I was five and playing the flute since I was ten.