Moreno “Mo” Aguiari – Publisher & Founder – Italy/USA

Moreno Aguiari

I was born in Milan, Italy, and moved to the U.S. in 1999 to become a commercial pilot. My passion for aviation started at a much younger age when my uncle, an F-104 Starfighter Crew Chief with the Italian Air Force, and avid model builder, gave me a 1:72 scale model of the mighty Lockheed Interceptor. Listening to his aviation stories, visiting him on base, and meeting Starfighter pilots sealed the deal. My dad was also a military traffic controller but his influence also happened in another area – namely AC Milan, the football club, which became my other passion in life. As a student, I often skipped school to go camping outside military bases and wait for airplanes to take off or land. As soon as my parents would let me ride the bicycle to the local park, I often took a diversion and rode to the Aeroporto Linate (Milan’s city airport) and I spent hours outside the fence looking at airplanes. In 1999 I decided to pursue a career in aviation so I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to obtain a commercial pilot license. What was supposed to be a short visit of a few months turned out to be a new life and new citizenship. After 24 years in the United States, my passion for aviation had never dulled. I am fortunate to be involved with the Commemorative Air Force, the D-Day Squadron, EAA Warbirds & Vintage, and several other organizations allowing me to fulfill my passion for aviation with amazing experiences, and enable the success of Vintage Aviation News. Today I am a full-time pilot flying for a Part 91 business aviation company in the Atlanta area. I have three beautiful children and a great wife who understands my passion for aviation and never complains about my adventures!

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