Canadian Aviation and Space Museum has Launched a Free WWI Themed App

Ace Academy App

Press Release: The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ontario has launched a free app that allows users to “fly” World War One planes and showcases the museum’s collection of World War One aviation equipment. Museum spokesperson Olivier Bouffard told CFRA the “Aces Academy” App celebrates the centennial of World War One. “Throughout the year the museum has been going out of its way to commemorate all the heritage of the First World War,” he said. “Which is, of course, the first war where aircraft started to play a role that was going to increase and become more and more significant.”

Bouffard said the app teaches the basics of flying. “By flying virtually these planes from the first world war users are having a learning experience much like young pilots from the first world war would have had trying on those brand new machines that nobody really knew at the time”


  • Live action characters guide you through your WWI flight training
  • Swipe and click through adventures as you navigate aerial challenges
  • Take command of a WWI biplane in your first-ever solo flight
  • Interact with detailed 3D models of the Museum’s WWI aircraft
  • Explore the Museum’s archival imagery and technical drawings
  • Discover the Museum’s hidden collection of artifacts not currently on display
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