North American B-25J Mitchell Finds a New Home

wpsynd19746North American B-25J Mitchell 44-86725 (N25NA) has been acquired by US warbird enthusiast Dr. Brent Hisey. The bomber, named Super Rabbit recently arrived at its new home, the Oklahoma Museum of Flying (OMOF) at Wiley Post Airport in Bethany, Oklahoma, transported overland within four tractor trailers.

This particular B-25 Mitchell has had the distinction of serving with three Air Forces: the United States Air Force, the Canadian RCAF and the Venezuelan Air Force. It was brought back to America in 1983 by collector Harry Doan who bought it after it had been rendered surplus.

The plane has been a fixture of the air show circuit and the OMOF is commencing a full restoration of the craft to continue its legacy of exposing new generations to the wonders of mid-20th century warbirds.


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  1. I am keen to contact the owner of Super Rabbit. Brent Hisey. I am a television producer living and working in Brisbane Australia. The previous owner of Super Rabbitt was Mr. Steve Searle, Steve owned the flying warbird museum based here. I was preparing to shoot a documentary on a group of American B25 air crew who were based here in Charters Towers Queensland during the war and ran successful missions up to New Guinea under the leadership of Capt John Henebry, know as The Grim Reapers. Steve planned to fly Super Rabbit back to Australia for his flying museum. During the war Macarthur was based here in Brisbane at what is now called Macarthur Chambers and is a museum itself. 2nd in command of the pacific theatre was General Kenney also headquartered at Macathur Chambers, the then Prime minister of Australia John Curtain presented a leather chair to General Kenney as a gift, at wars end the chair was taken back to the USA, after much research i found the chair in Boston and the owners were happy to return the chair to the museum here in Brisbane.It was packed and shipped with the assistance of the Australia/American association to a hanger in San francisco in readiness for the chair to fly back on the Super Rabbit and be handed back to the museum. It was at this time that sadly Steve passed away very quickly with prostate cancer.So i have been searching for the chair since. I hope someone can shed light on the whereabouts of the chair which was supposed to be sitting in a corner in a hangar with the B-25. anybody seeing it after Steve died would not know the importance of the package or what it actually was. I guess the new owner is my only hope, or if a mechanic noticed the package sitting in the hangar or someones memory is jogged by this and sends me info it would be greatly appreciated. Regards and thanks in anticipation.. Garry Gibson

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