The Starfighter Has Arrived At The Alberta Aviation Museum

As previously reported by Warbirds News (Click here for article), the Alberta Aviation Museum has acquired an F-104 Starfighter from The Netherlands. The Starfighter was delivered in two shipping containers this past Friday morning.

Tim Hinderks, executive director of the Alberta Aviation Museum said with a big smile on his face, “It’s the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people, across three countries, two continents and an ocean, to bring her here today,”

The Aviation Museum raised thousands of dollars in donations from the public and aviation enthusiasts from all across Canada to help acquire the plane in 2011. They also received a $40,000 donation from the family of Don Hamilton, who was an avid supporter of the downtown airport where his company Air Spray Ltd. resides. Hamilton passed away in 2011.

Hinderks continued, “Part of the problem with finding a Starfighter was to find one that was complete. All the systems are in this aircraft, the engine’s going to be in it, it’s all there so it can be used as part of our education program.”

The aircraft was used with the Royal Netherlands Air Force until 1984, when it was retired from service and transferred to a museum in the Netherlands.

The purchase and restoration costs are estimated to be approximately $75,000. The Starfighter will hangared for the next 180 days being reassembled and restored by a team of 12 volunteers. The plan is to repaint the plane with grey, white and red details to resemble a Starfighter used by the 417 squadron at CFB Cold Lake.


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