BREAKING NEWS: First Engine Start for B-29 “Doc”

Doc emerging from the hangar. (photo by Brett Schauf VLG LLC)
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Doc emerging from the hangar. (photo by Brett Schauf VLG LLC)
Doc emerging from the hangar. (photo by Brett Schauf VLG LLC)

MEDIA ALERT: First Engine Start for Restored B-29 Doc


Wichita, Kan., Sept. 15, 2015 – Doc’s Friends, the group leading the restoration effort of the B-29 known as ‘Doc’ will start the historic warbird’s engines for the first time Friday, Sept. 18. The start and testing on all four of Doc’s engines will be open to the Media and will take place on the 400 Ramp of the Air Capital Flight Line in Wichita.

WHAT: First engine start and testing

WHEN: Friday, Sept. 18 at 8 a.m.

(Media needs to arrive no later than 7:30 a.m. for security and staging)

WHERE: Air Capital Flight Line, 400 Ramp, 3741 S. Oliver, Wichita, KS

The media should arrive at Air Capital Flight Line Gate 6 (east side of Oliver across from Spirit AeroSystems) no later than 7:30 a.m. on the day of the event to be escorted to the testing area. In addition to capturing natural and wild sound/video, the media will have the opportunity to interview volunteers and flight test crews.


About Doc’s Friends

Doc’s Friends is a 501c3 non-profit board managing the restoration of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress known as Doc. The group was formed in 2013 and is led by retired Spirit AeroSystems CEO Jeff Turner along with other Wichita business leaders; Charlie Chandler, Jack Pelton, Steve Clark, Lynn Nichols, Brad Gorsuch, Vic McMullen, Ron Ryan, Tim Buchanan, Jeff Peier, Esq., and Tom Bertels. Doc’s Friends is committed to returning this World War II warbird to the air to honor previous generations, educate current and future generations and connect the world to the rich heritage of aviation. You can find more information about Doc’s Friends at


  1. It’s great to hear of a restoration of a piece of aviation history I live in Michigan and visited the Yankee air force museum before it burn and went to numberous airshow
    They have a B-17 and B-15 and was working on a B-24

    • ..”it burn and went to numberous airshow..”

      So “it”, being the museum, went to “numberous” (SIC!) airshows.
      I would have liked to see that! A museum going to an airshow!

  2. I used to watch this plane fly around kcmo ! I always knew it by the sound , just like I know it’s a stealth bomber when I hear it !

  3. I can’t wait to hear success…I’m so enthusiastic about this…since I first found out about the restoration I have been following it…it regret it can’t be there but my prayers are for the safety of everyone involved and for this beautiful aircraft

  4. Just shared this with my Dad, who was a B-29 pilot with the 40th Bombardment Group based in India and then on Tinian Island.
    Good to hear Doc will soon be back in the air!

  5. good luck on the test flights guys keep up the good work and bring america’s history back to life *salutes all the men and women involved in bringing this beautiful piece of history back to life*

  6. Would love to be there when they “start engines”! I ‘m 92 and was a Bombardier in 313th Wing, 6th Bomb Group,
    40th Sqdn. stationed on Tinian., and flew 22 missions. Many times we pulled props thru before starting engines! Good luck with Doc! — Maury (Logs)Logsdon (then 1st.Lt., US Army Air Corps.)

  7. I used to be an engine mechanic on WB-29’s in Alaska in the 50’s. Not a bad
    aircraft but it had it’s issues. The R-3350’s used in the B-29 had fuel leak problems. Relatively easy to fix. Just follow the purple fuel stain back to the leaking injector and inspect it and tighten it up. Turbo chargers were
    relatively short lived too. Not quite “Hangar Queens”, but you had to stay on top of it’s issues with your maintenance. We later replaced them with WB-50’s.

  8. It would be so great if the city of Wichita and the state of Kansas could provide the funds needed to house this JEWEL until it is finished and then have a permanent home for “DOC” at Eisenhower Int. A/P in Wichita,KS. It would be a shame for something to happen to this antique after all of the years and hours of hard work. Thanks

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