Swedish Restoration of Heinkel He 111H-6 Proceeding

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wpsynd19746In a workshop in Falkenberg, Sweden, restoration of a Heinkel He 111H-6 is proceeding, with the nose section currently being fitted-out. This rare machine was recovered from the shores of Lake Sitasjaure in the far north of the country in the summer of 2008. The restoration work is being performed by volunteers from the Forced Landing Collection (FLC) and the Nord-Østerdal Aircraft and Military Historical Society Museum in Tolga, Norway. The bomb bay area is also currently receiving renovations. The Heinkel, Werk Number 7155, was force-landed at Lake Sitasjaure in May, 1940, after being damaged in combat over Narvik. The four crew members of the plane survived, and after walking to Norway they were captured and sent to Canada as prisoners of war. The Heinkel was discovered by Swedish authorities a week later, but a salvage was not attempted at that time due to the extreme remoteness of the landing site. When restoration is completed it is intended to display the Heinkel in a full-scale diorama in the Tolga museum depicting the German bomber as it looked shortly after its forced-landing in 1940.

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