Two former Vietnam War Fighter Pilots Together Again

wo former Vietnam War pilots reunite in Hanoi

PRESS RELEASE – Two former Vietnam War foes were re-united for the online show, “Old Guys and Their Airplanes.” Col. John Stiles (Ret) of the United States Air Force and Lt. Nguyen Hong My (Ret) of the North Vietnamese Air Force tell their story of combat and the unlikely friendship that has come about, over 40 years after the war ended.!

Nguyen Hong My is credited with shooting Stiles’ RF-4C Phantom jet down on January 20, 1972. Yet, the two men have learned how to reconcile their dramatic moments and turn it into a surprising friendship.“Old Guys and Their Airplanes,” a popular online show featuring the interviews and artwork of historian/ artist John Mollison, flew Stiles to Hanoi, Vietnam, this past March to re-unite with Hong My on what was once “enemy soil.” The result is an episode that is at once informative and inspiring.

OGTA: Vietnam – Promo01 from For Your Information on Vimeo.

Aviation Artist and Historian, John Mollison, hosts entertaining and informational video series of interviews with combat aviators.The shows can be viewed at



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