CAF A-26 Invader Returns to The Sky After 21 Years

Screenshot taken from the video published on the Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport Facebook page. Photo by Anthony Jones
Aircorps Art Dec 2019

The third A-26 in the CAF inventory returned to flight on November 1, 2020 with two flights out of Guthrie Regional Airport in Oklahoma. The first flight duration was approximately 11 minutes with a few minor squawks. The second flight later in the afternoon was approximately one hour in duration. Mark Novak was the Pilot in Command during the flight.

For more than 21 years volunteers have been working to restore this A-26 Invader in order to return the aircraft to flight. Although many obstacles, including being hit by a tornado, delayed the project, volunteers persisted.

The CAF has three A-26s in the fleet: the A-26B SN# 43-7140 “Night Mission” operated by the  Invader Squadron out of Fort Worth Meacham Airport, Fort Worth, TX . The Lady Liberty Squadron  operates the oldest flying Invader, the 130th one produced, being accepted in Aug, 1944, at Long Beach, CA.  Douglas A-26C Invader 44-35643 Lil Twister, operated by the  Sierra Hotel Sponsor Group of Guthrie/Edmond Oklahoma Municipal Airport, was built in Oklahoma. This Invader has an interesting combat record, actually having served with the French Air Force in Indochina during the mid-fifties. The French returned her to the US Air Force by 1955, and the she was on the civilian market by 1957.

Here is a great video produce by the Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport


Congratulations to the Sierra Hotel A-26 Sponsor Group for a flight 21 years in the making.



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