The Main Pros and Cons of Being an Airline Pilot

Pilot and co pilot in the cockpit during a flight with commercial airplane.
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One of the most beautiful and frequent dreams is to be able to fly. Looking up into the sky and imagining that you are in an airplane is soothing. Today, you have the opportunity to fulfill that dream thanks to the fact that, in addition to the ever-increasing number of jobs for airline pilots, the profession has great benefits.

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What Are the Benefits of Being a Commercial Pilot?

1. Your salary

Being an airline pilot has great benefits. Among the most significant are your salary and working conditions. Airline pilots earn a salary worthy of the best times in the country’s economy, which can also increase with years and time spent in the air. An airline pilot can earn much more than a government chairman.

2. Working Conditions

The average number of hours a pilot works is 13 per week. It is true that this is a very tiring job and concentration is necessary. Therefore, rest hours are extremely important and necessary. In addition, they are usually given shuttle service to and from work, and a day off each morning to go to work. They are also given reduced working hours once they reach a certain number of years with the company. This does not mean a reduction in their pay.

3. Overnight Stays

If an airline pilot needs to spend the night, he or she can choose from several options for the best five-star hotels. This is usually decided by the union, which offers pilots three different options.

4. Your Further Training

Once you become an airline pilot, it’s normal for the company to have pilots take refresher courses to further improve their skills in the air, in addition to wearing great clothes. Training is free and includes adapting to new and improved aircraft as well as updating technical knowledge. You will never stop learning in this career, it is important to keep up to date, demand more of yourself as a pilot, and devote a lot of time to reading, not just when you have a test, being a pilot is a responsibility!

5. New Experiences

You travel and get to know each other, there are days when you have the opportunity to go to a new country or city you’ve never been to, eat a typical meal, take a picture at a monument, go to a museum, do what any tourist would do.

6. Personal Satisfaction

Undoubtedly, the fact that you arrive at the airport and everyone is surprised by your presence is reassuring. Think back to the years when you dreamed of being the protagonist of those great flying machines, and realize that now all the effort has paid off.

Disadvantages of Being an Airline Pilot

1. You Won’t Be Present on Special Dates With Your Family

Many times you will not be present on days like Christmas, New Year, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. and you will miss being present, but these are sacrifices we have to make as pilots with great responsibility.

2. You Have to Plan Your Social Events in Advance

People with meetings or parties should be very organized with their flights and their friends should notify them 1 month in advance, as almost always schedules are released that time in advance for pilots to organize their schedule for the month so they can make it possible to have that day off for your commitment.

3. It Is a Race of Ups and Downs

There will be days when you have not had a good simulator or a good flight when you have to pick yourself up and go forward, if you let uncertainty beat you, you will only make yourself go backward, you must accept your mistakes, know that you will make them, but respond to them with action, analyze where you fail, and prepare to do better.

4. Changing Schedules

As a pilot, you have to adapt to the different schedule changes in the countries you fly to, fly all night, arrive home at noon, and go straight to bed. You will have to be very flexible about work and rest schedules as they will be constantly changing. Many times you will be very tired, and no matter how much you want to watch a movie or go out to dinner with your boyfriend or friends, you will just want to sleep.


To be an aviation pilot is to fulfill a real and exciting dream that few can achieve. If you are the kind of person who looks at the sky and imagines flying, then with us the sky is waiting for you to cross it.


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