Thriller Author Launched B-17 Based Novel “The Lost Bird”

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft in flight over the English Channel, circa 1944-1945. Image Credit: The John W. Allen World War II Collection/The Museum of Flight
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 30, 2023)  Novelist Jim “JK” Kelly today announced the launch of his latest book, The Lost Bird, a crime thriller novella about the theft of a World War II warbird during an air show.

A retired Marine returns home to Texas from his job in the Arabian Gulf to say goodbye to his ailing father. There, he learns that his younger brother was somehow involved in stealing a restored World War II bomber during an airshow. Chris Boone is then forced to form an awkward partnership with the aging pilot who surrendered the plane to keep his brother out of jail, help restore the pilot’s reputation, and find the national treasure. But someone’s kept a secret for decades …

“After spending a lot of time in a B-17 I wanted to develop a project around one but set in a modern-day crime thriller,” Kelly said. “This is about a very special warplane that’s been stolen and a retired Marine and a devastated pilot who risk their lives to find her. It’s about two patriotic families thrown together by chance and criminals without conscience.”

The Lost Bird is Kelly’s seventh work of fiction, and his past works include the Formula One/CIA spy thriller Deadly Driver, The Export series, Found In Time, The Lost Pulse, and his autobiography titled Fuelin’ Around.

“I wanted to write something emotional and action-packed that would grab readers and I think this will,” Kelly continued. “But I also wanted to honor the flying fortress and their brave crews while possibly introducing a warbird to fiction readers who might not know anything about them.”

The Lost Bird is now available in print and eBook on Amazon and wherever thrillers are sold. For more information visit or write to


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