James Clemens School Cougar Jet On Show

"Easy does it!" The TF-9J Cougar BuNo.147418 is very carefully lowered to the mounting for its new display home. [photo Angela Beavers]
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By James Kightly, Commissioning Editor

On the morning of September 5, 2023, the 1959 Grumman TF-9J, BuNo. 147418, was carefully lifted, and placed on a purpose-built display mounting in front of the James Clemens High School of Madison, Alabama, USA. The culmination of a nine-year and (logged) 2,800 restoration project driven by Randy Beavers, the advanced trainer jet will have a formal dedication ceremony on September 14, 2023. The jet was chosen by popular acclaim as an unusual school mascot to represent the school’s ‘JETS’.

Photo via Randy Beavers.

We will be publishing a detailed insight into the story of how this school mascot was saved and restored from the man at the center, Randy, and in his own words, shortly after that event.

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