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A few days ago, Volatus Infrastructure, LLC announced that it had chosen to support the Warbirds of Glory Museum; its first charitable cause. As most readers will know, this museum and its band of highly skillful, teenage volunteers, is in the process of restoring B-25J Mitchell 44-30733, lovingly referred to as the Sandbar Mitchell due to the airframe having spent many years marooned on a spit of sand in an Alaskan river.

Kittyhawk Academy students working on disassembling one of the B-25 cockpit canopy frames for restoration. (via Warbirds of Glory Museum)

“Preserving the history of aviation is just as important as developing the new technology that is taking the aviation industry by storm,” said Grant Fisk, Co-Founder of Volatus. “I appreciate the restoration work they are doing on Sandbar Mitchell and by coaching the next generation of aviation enthusiasts they are ensuring the lifeline of the industry.”

“The Warbirds of Glory Museum is a small museum doing great things in large part due to its many dedicated volunteers and supporters,” said Allen Tucker, Board Chair of the Museum. “We appreciate the vote of confidence from Volatus in what we are doing and look forward to a long partnership.”

Eight members of the Kittyhawk Academy accompanied the Warbirds of Glory Museum team to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018 this summer, with some of them seen here in front of the forward fuselage of the Lend-Lease B-25J recovered from Nome, Alaska back in 2014. It was clear that they everyone benefited from this extraordinary aviation experience! (photo via Warbirds Of Glory)

Volatus Infrastructure is a member of the Warbirds of Glory Museum. “The membership allows us to stay up-to-date with what the Museum is doing as well as what their current needs are to keep programs running,” said Fisk. Memberships start at just $35 per year. Founded in 2013, the Warbirds of Glory Museum was formed to restore and fly period aircraft and offer the unique educational opportunity to understand the Second World War experience while mentoring youth in mechanical skills, aircraft restoration, and American values. Over the years the Museum has educated a number of youths in both aircraft restoration and history and is particularly proud that a good number of them have joined the aircraft maintenance industry and remain committed adult volunteers at the Museum.

For more information and to support the museum, visit www.warbirdsofglory.org

Founded in 2021, Volatus Infrastructure, LLC is connecting communities to the future with best-in-class eVTOL infrastructure technology to ensure society is ready for the future. Volatus offers three main eVTOL infrastructure designs, a vehicle agnostic charging station, plus an app and maintenance programs. By tailoring to specific needs, while incorporating the latest technologies, their work positively impacts clients and the communities they serve. Join the future with Volatus Infrastructure. For more information visit volatusdrones.com

Some of the team at Warbirds of Glory. Patrick Mihalek is on the right. (photo by Jay Bess)


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