Best Aviation Scholarships to Start Your Flying Career in 2022

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One of the main reasons many people choose not to pursue a particular degree is a lack of funds. Surely, it’s expensive to finance an education. So, you might think you need to not go into aviation because you can’t afford it. Though, even if we agree this problem is a huge one, it has a solution that comes in the form of grants for aviation education. In aviation, you’d find a number of scholarships. They can certainly help you achieve your aspirations to become a pilot.

So, they are a magnificent way to ensure you have sufficient funds to finish your education. But it can be hard to navigate throughout all colleges, universities, and institutions that offer them. That is why here we’d show you some of the best flight school scholarships you can get.

Flight Training Scholarships by EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association)


Quite generous with its funding, the EAA offers a great chance for aspiring and already-studying pilots to get their degrees. You must be eligible to train to flight when you apply for the scholarship and, if you get it, you should use it within one year. If you get the scholarship, you’d receive at least $5,000. Overall, the Association grants more than $1 million in scholarships.

Scholarships from ADMA

Another one among the pilot scholarships that can be pretty useful for your education. It’s given to aviation students and it’s mostly focused on youth education. You can get it if you’re already enrolled in any aviation program, as long as it is in an accredited institution. You’d need a high school diploma and a minimum GPA of 3.0. To be granted the scholarship, you’d need to apply with a 500-word essay and provide several letters of recommendation. In general, you can receive somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000.

The Ninety-Nines and Their Scholarships

This organization started work in 1929 and is focused on inspiring women pilots. It offers over 30 flight scholarships in different locations. They are targeted toward women so as to help them achieve their dreams of becoming pilots regardless of if they have sufficient funds to self-afford the education. The requirements and the award amount differ depending on the particular scholarship and its location.

Aviation Education and Career EXPO Scholarship

It also has over 30 scholarships and awards. It’s mostly targeted toward the youth in order to help them reach their flight education goals and dreams. The Aviation and Education EXPO can give you a monetary scholarship or tuition awards. To be eligible to apply, you need to be in between 16 and 22 years of age. You’d also need to be currently in high school or college. There might be other requirements and the application process is different based on the particular scholarship.

University Aviation Association

With six aviation scholarships, the Association also presents great opportunities for aspiring flight students. As Denver7 can show you, it can sometimes be difficult to apply for a scholarship but the University Aviation Association has tried to simplify the process. They, of course, have particular requirements but they differ based on the scholarship. In general, the Association seeks to ensure education to students who are motivated to go into aviation and love the field and the opportunities it presents.

Grants from The Boeing Company

Of course, there are even more scholarships available out there and the Boeing Company offers some of them. The Company works with universities to help ensure more people have access to flight education so that the field can find motivated and highly-trained professionals who will perform to their best. If you are already enrolled in a flight university, check with the scholarships department to see if you’d be eligible for any of the Boeing scholarships. As they are more, the requirements and awards vary.

How To Get a Scholarship?

If you’ve ever searched for essay writing services, you’d see dozens of results pop up. This comes due to the huge demand because many students cannot find the time to complete everything up to the highest level. Thus, they turn to seek professional help with finishing their assignments and completing all their projects.

By extension, we can see that there’d be also lots of opportunities for flight scholarships due to the huge demand for funding there is in education. Usually, most top institutions out there offer at least some scholarships and awards to prospective students.

Well, because there are such a high demand and not nearly enough-for-everyone scholarships, the competition would be high. So, to get the scholarship you’d need to prove your academic and professional capabilities, with requirements varying from GPA to letters of recommendation, essays, motivational letters, and other elements showing your capabilities and aspirations.


As we saw, there are some good chances out there for getting a pilot scholarship that is going to help you finance your education. Those are a pretty good way to get into your desired program even if you don’t have sufficient funds. Most company officials believe education should be available for everyone, so they award various scholarships in their field of operation. Thus, lots of aviation companies do the same for flight students.

Finding a scholarship isn’t that hard. Maybe the harder part is to actually get it. You’d need to show your academic abilities so the company can pick you out among all the candidates. We don’t want this to scare you, though. We believe that all of you have a great chance to get a scholarship and study at the university you want to attend. You just need to not give up and always strive forward.

We hope that the short article we provided today can be of help to some of you out there who are seeking to attend flight school. We always try to offer useful advice to students and aspiring students because we also believe everyone has the right to education. So, good luck with your journey and stay on track because the end result is totally worth it.


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