10 Best Aviation Universities in the World

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Without any doubt, the aviation field is one of the crucial industries for the worldwide economy. In all parts of the world, there are many opportunities that youngsters can chase if they get an aviation degree. However, a high demand does not necessarily mean you will get the job 100%. Becoming a pilot is a challenging process, and it requires strict yet effective aviation programs. So, what is the best college for aviation? It is hard to highlight only one flight school because there are many of them that are professional. In the further text, we highlighted programs that are worth your attention. Let’s go!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the USA

One of the best universities you should certainly know about is located in Massachusetts. While we are reading this article, the average ACT is 35. The cost of attending the aviation courses here is around 20 thousand dollars a year.

But, it is worth mentioning that acceptance of race is just 7%. Because of that, you may need assistance when applying to this college. Steven Donovan, the aviation school graduate and writer at PapersOwl says: “MIT might simply be the best institution to study at. Their requirements are extremely difficult to meet, and it’s absolutely clear why. Once you get in, a plethora of chances open for you, including the most modern training facilities, and top educators.”

Georgia Institute of Technology, the USA

Georgia Institute of Tech is certainly the educational institution you should put into consideration. The acceptance rate here is much higher (21%). It may seem strange, but this aeronautical engineering college does not require recommendations. That’s not the situation you will often come across.

Purdue University, the USA

This institution has one of the best courses in the world. It is located in Indiana. The number of undergraduate students here is around 35 thousand. However, the good thing is that the acceptance rate is around 67%. That means it won’t be extremely difficult to access aviation courses and get into the air traffic industry in a more professional way.

The University of California, the USA

Without any doubt, the aeronautical programs at this aviation college are outstanding. The acceptance rate is decent – 17%. However, you will definitely get some technical understanding of aerospace management.

There are four requirements that all students interested in traffic control and other operations need to meet. They are

  • Secondary School Record
  • Secondary School GPA.

Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

The Netherlands also has an amazing educational system. There you can find some of the top military colleges, medical universities, etc. One of the aviation college options with high standards is located in the Netherlands. It is the best one for an aviation degree in Europe. Believe it or not, it has existed since 1842 and its acceptance rate is around 65%.

Delft University of Technology

Massey University, New Zealand

The entire world offers a number of amazing options. Getting degrees in professional flight fields is also possible in New Zealand. The education lasts for three years, and it is mostly focused on the relevant aspects of the aviation industry. You will, for example, study the management of workload, communication, etc.

MacEwan University, Canada

This aviation college from Canada has a direct collaboration with Transport Canada’s Approved Training Centers. Every student will get the chance to specialize in aviation management. For starters, you need to complete 15 out of 20 different programs that can help you reach some of your career goals. There you will learn more about marketing, entrepreneurial strategy, etc. The last five programs are actually those where you go to Transport Canada’s training center.

The University of Cincinnati, the USA

We are still in North America! In case you manage to graduate here, there are many things you will learn to do. For example, you will pass through strict aviation courses that include learning to manage different commuter airlines as well as flying major aircraft. Apart from that, you will also learn to fly passenger airlines, different corporate aircraft, and cargo jets. In the end, you will get the chance to study and get more familiar with safety, navigation, mechanics of flight, etc.

University of South Australia

The programs at this university provide the opportunity to become a Bachelor of Aviation. You will get the chance to become a professional in different airport operations as well as a profound experience. The classes are focused on safety operations, management of different financial operations, etc. You will be in close touch with this industry which will let you grab some experience before even finding a job.

University of South Australia

University College Dublin, Ireland

If you are willing to attend the post-graduate program in Aviation Finance, then this is the best place you could attend. You will get the opportunity to learn more about different approaches to understanding the financial market in this industry. It is worth mentioning this is one of the rare places in the European Union where you can get that good education. It gathers students interested in different subjects (from entrepreneurship to engineering).


All the mentioned universities have a quite high tuition. However, that doesn’t mean they do not deserve your attention. If the aero industry truly is your passion, be sure every penny you invest will pay off in the end. You will get all the necessary hard and soft skills and prepare yourself for a bright future.


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