Tustin Blimp Hangar Fire UPDATE

UPDATED info on the loss of the Tustin Blimp Nangar

United Fuel Cells

By Adam Estes

UPDATE (November 17, 2023): Since the start of the fire at Hangar 1 (the North Hangar) on November 7, as reported HERE, the hangar has by now effectively been completely destroyed.

With the exception of a small portion of the wooden wall on the southwest corner of the hangar, the only remnants still standing are the massive hangar doors and their concrete support pillars.

Local schools were temporarily shut down due to the detection of asbestos fibers spread from the hangar, but have now been reopened. The other blimp hangar (Hangar 2; South Hangar) remains standing. Adam Estes

Hangar 2, the South Hangar remains complete. [Photo by Adam Estes]

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