C-53 Skytrooper ‘Beach City Baby’ – Fundraiser

Beach City Baby as she looks today. The aircraft is just weeks away from her first flight, and needs a little more help to push her over the finish line. (image via Vintage Wings Inc.)

As many readers are well aware, we have been following the restoration of combat veteran Douglas C-53 Skytrooper 41-20095, better known as Beach City Baby, for some years now. Jason Capra and his band of volunteers at Vintage Wings Inc. have been carrying out this work at their facility in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and their remarkable grass-roots effort has returned a near-derelict airframe into a pristine representation of her former self while serving in the North Africa campaign during WWII. Now in the final stretch of their marathon effort to return this aircraft to flight, Vintage Wings has initiated a small fundraiser to help them pay for some of the final items which they need before Beach City Baby can again take to the skies. Jason Capra provided the following details for what they are hoping to achieve…

Today we are starting a fundraiser for Beach City Baby to provide two Air Wolf Oil Filters for the C-53. We are looking to raise $3,500 and need your help to do so! We need to have these mounted on the airplane before it’s first flight can take place this spring. We hope you will consider making a donation to help us reach this goal! We are so close to Beach City Baby’s first air show season, and it is because of folks like you that all of this has been made possible.

The Air Wolf Filter will help protect Beach City Baby’s engines and oil coolers from damage by combing the oil for tiny particles.

The Air Wolf Filter comes in a kit, as shown here.

Here are some of the benefits for adding these specific Air Wolf oil filters:
  • They help keep the engine oil clean…
  • They extend engine life
  • They push oil change times from 25 to 50 hours
  • They trap tiny particles which can be found during filter element inspections, warning of potential problems before they become critical issues
  • They filter the oil before it enters the oil cooler, preventing any particles in the engine from ruining the oil cooler
  • They put the oil filter in a far more easily accessible location-permitting oil changes that take minutes instead of hours
  • They end messy oil changes
  • They protect the $11,000 fan shaft pinion gear.
  • They reduce engine operating temperatures by 20°F
  • They weigh less than 5lbs
The alternative, which many piston aircraft come equipped with, is simply an oil screen. But oil screens do nothing to protect your engine – particles larger than 20 microns (.001”) will cause damage Oil screens to have only one purpose – to catch particles when the engine starts making metal, which risks an inflight engine failure! Therefore we really do need these Air Wolf Oil Filters to make sure that Beach City Baby can fly with greater safety, easier maintenance, and reduced overall operating costs. Any donation towards these ends would be greatly appreciated!

To make your donation via our website, www.vintagewingsinc.com please click the “Donate” button on our Home Screen. However, if you would rather mail a check, please send it to the following address:
Vintage Wings Inc
PO Box 414
Washington, Pa 15301