Operation Jericho Continues to Soar!

The People's Mosquito project continues to soar on its fund-raising drive, Operation Jericho. See how you can contribute! (image via Wikipedia)
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A short time ago, we announced that the People’s Mosquito had just initiated a fund-raiser to help them gather additional funds to both complete the fuselage moulds for their deHavilland Mosquito project along with money for construction of the fuselage itself. Dubbed Operation Jericho 2020, the funding campaign has got off to a significant start, raising £20,000 in the first week. They have added more in the interim, and we thought our readers would enjoy reading their update and consider contributing themselves…

Operation Jericho 2020 continues to soar! In just over 2 weeks your amazing support has generated just over £42,000!

 THANK YOU to all those who have donated to date. We are 17% towards the ultimate goal.

As we shared in last week’s update, this campaign was launched during unprecedented times. Despite these challenges to our daily lives, your incredible support means work on RL249 and the first fuselage moulds to be built in the UK in more than 70 years, continues.

An image of progress on the fuselage molds showing the in-fill technique RetroTec are using to build up the structure. Jelutong hardwood is used to fill the sections, which are then machine cut to the shape of the mould. (image via People’s Mosquito)

One of the in-filled sections of the mold. (image via People’s Mosquito)

Operation Jericho 2020 has ‘taken off’ and now for our next target!

Help us to break through £50,000 by the end of April!

We have seen tremendous uptake across all packages, and also had some enquiries from supporters who wish to donate regularly towards their chosen package. We are pleased to introduce a process for you to do this.

Please click on the button below to set up your regular monthly payment.

Please also email us at sponsor@peoplesmosquito.org.uk to inform us your regular donation is set up.



Please share this update with friends and networks via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. By raising awareness of our exciting restoration you’ll be helping to accelerate progress.



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