B-17 Texas Raiders Is Back in the Air

Photo via CAF Gulf Coast Wing

Thanks to the support of donors , supporters and the CAF hard-working maintenance crew, the CAF Gulf Coast Wing was able to get Engine number 3 swapped out in time to make their next event at McKinney, TX on October 17 as originally planned. As we previously reporter (HERE), on their way to the Labor Day weekend at the Arkansas Air and Military Museum the CAF Gulf Coast Wing’s B-17 Texas Raiders suffered a performance issue on one engine while in transit, and out of an abundance of caution the crew decided to land in Texarkana, Texas.
When you consider the complexities of changing a B-17 engine, the volunteer crew of the CAF Gulf Coast Wing did a phenomenal job to replace the engine quickly and safely.
Here are the upcoming event
Oct 31
Your last chance this season to ride the B-17 at the CAF home field. Click the event name to book online or call 1-855-FLY-A-B17.
Nov 6
Join the B-17, JRB, and SNJ, along with the CAF Big Easy Wing’s PT-17 Stearman biplane, and the world’s only flying SB2C Helldiver at Lakefront Airport in NOLA. Click the event name to book online or call 1-855-FLY-A-B17.

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