CAF Launches New Pilot Scholarship Program


The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is proud to announce a new Pilot Scholarship Program in 2023. This program, supported by the Ray Foundation, facilitates students, ages 16 through 19, to earn their private pilot license with little to no cost.

“Getting young people interested in flight is at the core of the CAF’s mission. We understand that big challenges and roadblocks can hinder young people from getting a pilot’s license. We are excited to work with the Ray Foundation in creating a program that can help remove some of those barriers and do it in a unique/CAF way through the Units of our organization,” said CAF President Hank Coats.

The program works by providing the scholar access to experienced mentors, establishing a rigorous timeline, and providing financial assistance. The program’s timeline is set for attaining the license in one year. For the CAF Pilots Scholarship program, the scholars selected will need to be students that are active within the CAF Unit and have an endorsement from the Unit to participate and a CAF Unit member that can serve as a mentor through the process.

This program is a big commitment, and there are a lot of expectations and timelines to be familiar with before agreeing to participate. Before the CAF releases this information to the public, we invite our members to learn more about the program by visiting the website Bill Ervin, Director of Training at CAF Headquarters, is leading the program and will be holding a webinar within the next few weeks to introduce Units interested in the program and answer any additional information and questions; click here to sign up for more news and get on the list to join the webinar.


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