Pima Air and Space Museum Expanding

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Pima Air and Space Museum announced Tuesday that they have acquired 77 acres of land east of their existing parcel. The land will be used to build “The Tucson Military Vehicle Museum.”

A spokesperson from Pima County said that the addition will showcase land-based military vehicles and give the public the opportunity to drive and ride in a variety of military and related land equipment vehicles. The county says the funding for the project comes from a $2 million matching donor gift. Reportedly, it will include a 32,000 square foot gallery and donations of vehicles already secured.

The museum has recently completed the acquisition of 77 acres of land immediately to the east of their existing parcel to develop an exciting location.

Vehicles on hand at the Pima Air & Space Museum already include the following: GMC 1941 Fire Truck, UH-1D, Lynx AH.7, plus fifty  items (on site) from the United States Marine Corps. The imperial War Museum has also offered 50 unique vehicles for direct transfer to the museum for this project.

Pima Air & Space Museum, one of the largest aviation museums in the world and the largest non-government-funded in the U.S. Its significant collection, 300 strong from around the globe, covers commercial, military and civil aviation. Currently, the museum is operating under COVID-19 restrictions.

The museum is located at 6000 E. Valencia Rd. For more information, visit pimaair.org/.


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