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To help relieve the boredom and frustration in these semi-sequestered times, the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington has come up with a couple of online ideas which might prove entertaining/educational for many of us. One of them involves alcohol, nose art and paint brushes (what could go wrong!), while the other features in-depth lectures covering WWII aviation history. So there is something there for every disposition, as their recent press release reveals…

Create your own art party with our online experience that combines a dash of decoration, a pinch of airplane history, and recipes for vintage cocktails to awaken your inner aviation-artist.

Aircrews have long flown into harm’s way emboldened by the personal artwork decorating their aircraft. Now let The Museum of Flight’s Nose Art Cocktail Party help you combat the daily grind. During this online program, our Curator entertains you with the history of military airplane Nose Art… and our drinks master will show you how to make the classic World War II cocktails which helped win the battles on all fronts.

We will help you prepare for the party by providing a booklet with detailed, delicious cocktail recipes, nose art history and an assortment of nose art templates (like a coloring book!). Adorn these pages or create your own original paintings using your favorite medium. And voila!

Shaken or stirred, your Nose Art is a masterpiece, and the cocktail party a success. This event is for those aged 21 and over…

When: Thursday, April 22, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
This online presentation is facilitated via ZOOM.
Price: $35 (Museum Members: $30)
Includes: Access to presentation for (1) one screen and (1) one Nose Art Coloring Book. You have the option to buy an additional coloring book for $10 when you complete your purchase. Additional add-ons are below.

For more information click HERE.

Inspired by The Museum of Flight’s Untold Stories: World War II at 75 exhibit, this 4-week interactive online lecture series brings you to the front lines of the subject matter and to the development of a world-class museum display. Each week you will meet Museum curators, exhibit developers and World War II experts to share their professional secrets and some of the forgotten, or sometimes suppressed, histories of World War II. The series can be enjoyed as an in-depth facilitated course, or you may choose individual sessions based upon your own interests.

Each week includes stimulating discussion, insightful speakers, trivia challenges, and more. Facilitated via Zoom video conferencing.

Price for Entire Series: $80 ($60 Members)
Individual Programs: $25 ($20 Members)

Please include the promo code FULLSERIES at checkout to receive the discount for all four programs.

For more information click HERE.

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