Yankee Air Museum Celebrates Memorial Day With Detroit

Parade Flyovers, Airplane Rides and Tribute Rosie the Riveters in Parades

(image by Mark Kolanowski via Yankee Air Museum)
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Honoring the fallen Memorial Day weekend, Yankee Air Museum will participate in parade flyovers, offer historic aircraft rides and feature its Tribute Rosies Drill Team in Memorial Day parades. Check out these Memorial Day weekend activities.

St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade kicks off at 1:00pm on Sunday, May 28th at Jefferson Avenue and 9 Mile Road and ends at 11 Mile Road. You’ll know when the parade begins as you hear the rumble of the engines of the iconic World War II planes flying overhead: the B25 bomber, Rosies Reply, and the C47 troop transport, Hairless Joe. Marching in the parade you can’t miss the Museum’s Tribute Rosie Drill Team as they salute the millions of women from World War II who worked tirelessly in factories across our nation building airplanes for the war effort. The Tribute Rosie Drill Team will also be marching in the Royal Oak Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29th, which starts at 9:00am on Main Street and Jefferson and concludes at 4th Street.

Take a ride in the C47, Hairless Joe, occurs on Sunday, May 28th at the Roush Aeronautics Center on the Willow Run Airport at 48075 Tyler Rd, Van Buren Charter Township, MI 48111. Experience a flight that thousands of Allied troops took during World War II at either 10:00am or 11:00am or just come out to see history in flight. Find out more information or book your seat in advance at https://yankeeairmuseum.org/fly/#c47.

Dearborn Memorial Day Parade, Michigan’s oldest Memorial Day Parade steps off on Monday, May 29th at Michigan Avenue and Outer Drive at 10:20am. Flying over the parade route will be the battle-proven B25 Rosie’s Reply, the most widely-produced twin-engine combat aircraft of World War II.

Milford Memorial Day Parade will occur on Monday May 29th that will include a patriotic flyover of the gallant B25, Rosies Reply. The Milford parade starts at 11:15am at the Milford American Legion Post and goes south to Central Park.

Huey Helicopter Rides join Milford’s Memorial Day activities at Central Park in Milford, MI. No reservations are required for the rides, just walk up to the staging area at Carl’s Family YMCA, 300 Family Drive, Milford, MI 48183. With the doors wide open and the wind rushing over your face, a Huey ride is an experience you’ll never forget. Come and see how a Huey operates and then decide if a ride is for you! For only $125.00, you can take a thrilling 10-minute flight with a new perspective from the air.  Book your ride/time in advance or take a chance and walk up that day. Rides occur from 9:00am until 2:00pm; to order tickets in advance visit  https://yankeeairmuseum.org/fly/#huey or just walk up to see what’s available.

Hartland Memorial Day Parade will also occur on Monday, May 29th with a flyover of the valiant B25, Rosie’s Reply at 11:30am. The parade route begins at Ore Creek Middle School on Hartland Road and ends at Village Elementary School on Maple Street.

About Yankee Air Museum:  Established in 1981 the Yankee Air Museum is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.  The Yankee Air Museum dedicates itself to educating individuals through the history of American aeronautics, aerospace industry and its associated technologies while inspiring generations through personal experiences to instill pride in our national accomplishments. For more information, visit www.yankeeairmuseum.org

Proposed new home for the Yankee Air Museum in the preserved portion of the Willow Run Plant.


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