Aviation Education in North America: Current Situation

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By Sylvester Greer

As a student who wants to study aviation in North America, you may not know the best aviation schools or how to choose one. As it is such a specific study area, aviation studies are not as widely offered as some other fields of study. Many trade schools offer certificates but getting a degree is more highly regarded and will generally give you more opportunities.

Choice of the study field

Some of the degrees in the field include aeronautic engineering, meteorology, and aviation computer science. Many of the degrees focus on aircraft piloting but to be a pilot, you still have to earn a proper pilot certificate. To be a commercial pilot, you typically need a bachelor’s degree. There are also various degrees you can do to become an aircraft mechanic, such as electronic technician, power plant and airframe technology or maintenance.

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Choice of a school

There are more than 100 colleges and universities that offer aviation studies. Earning a degree from one of the top colleges will give you various professional and personal benefits.

More advanced fields of study will obviously yield higher average salary levels. Many of the best schools also partner with major airlines, so you have more employment opportunities after graduation.

Purdue University, a large public college in West Lafayette, Indiana, is one of the best aviation colleges. It offers ten aviation degrees at various levels. Ohio University is one of the best aviation universities in the Midwest and offers three different programs.

Other universities where you can study aviation include:

  • Arizona State University
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Utah State University
  • Delaware State University
  • Eastern Michigan University

There are also various community colleges, such as Orange Coast College in California and Ivy Tech College in Indianapolis, where you can do two-year associate’s degrees. After earning an associate degree, you can transfer to other schools to continue earning a bachelor’s degree.

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The location, price and culture of a school are some of the other considerations you need to keep in mind when making a choice.

Some advantages of attending an aviation university

  • The instructors at a college are highly qualified and are often retired pilots and other experts in aviation.
  • Accredited universities have very high standards they have to meet.
  • Universities use the best simulators and airplanes with the latest onboard technologies.
  • You will be studying with like-minded peers and have study partners that you can collaborate with and learn from. A Jpost article offers advice about online essay help for students.
  • Aviation is a relatively small field, and going to a university allows you to network and make contacts that could result in future career opportunities.
  • It is easier to get coveted internships as airline representatives recruit candidates from top aviation universities and usually offer interviews on campus.
  • As airlines partner with aviation universities, they will often give first preference to graduates of those universities when hiring.
  • You may be able to go into other aviation career paths if you ever become medically unfit to be a pilot.


One of the major factors you will have to consider is the cost of tuition. The costs of tuition at an aviation university are high, and this may not include the costs of flying. Aircraft rental and instruction at a top university like Purdue is probably out of the reach of many students. Unless you have the financial means, you may have to try getting a scholarship to make aviation a viable option.


It’s a big decision to attend an aviation university because tuition is so expensive. You need to be sure because a degree in this field restricts you to an aviation-related career. Obtaining an MBA while learning how to fly at a local airfield may be a more versatile and less expensive option. If you’re set on a career in aviation, attending an aviation university has major benefits when it comes to learning, networking, internships and getting hired.

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