Fokker D.XXI Replica Nearing First Flight

The Fokker D.XXI replica during her recent engine test. The aircraft is nearly ready to fly! (photo via Sjoerd Looijenga)
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For the past couple of years, we have been watching the ambitious efforts in the Netherlands to re-create a flying replica of the all-but-extinct Fokker D.XXI ( click HERE for our previous articles), a charismatic fighter design from the early days of WWII. The project began in 2014, but they have made major strides since then, and we thought we’d check in to see how efforts were progressing. While they are still sorting out a few issues with the aircraft’s Curtiss-Wright Cyclone powerplant, the pictures and video seem to indicate that the fighter is very close to being ready to fly. In a recent message from the project’s publicist, Sjoerd Looijenga, we learned the following about the D.XXI’s present status…

The beast sure is alive! The moment is near when the Fokker D.21 will make its first official ‘jump’. After weeks of testing all systems, and making various adjustments, the people of Egmond Vintage Wings can proudly announce that the Fokker D.21 – 229 has now really come to life. This is the final test phase. All systems will be tested intensively and meticulously.

The video for the September 8th, 2021 engine test is below…

…and a further test took place on September 12th…

In the near future, The Netherlands Aviation Authority (NLA) will issue a ‘permit to fly. This will allow the D.21 to perform the first test flights when the engine tests and taxi test runs have been successfully completed. Still, some issues have to be solved. Fuel pressure for instance is a problem. The Wright Cyclone-motor is not yet running smoothly. Van Egmond Vintage Wings plans to perform the full-speed taxi runs at the end of October. The first (public) flight is scheduled for next spring. In the meantime, the work behind the scenes continues!

We wish them much luck with their endeavors and look forwards to seeing this marvelous aircraft in the air someday soon!

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