Lancaster NX611 ‘Just Jane’ – December 2017 Restoration Update

Avro Lancaster B.VII "Just Jane" seen here a decade ago during a taxi run. The aircraft is currently under restoration to fly, and we present the December 2017 update here. (photo via wikipedia)
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As many of our readers will be well aware, Avro Lancaster B.VII NX611 ‘Just Jane’ is under restoration with the Lincoln Aviation Heritage Center at former RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire, England. WarbirdsNews has been reporting on their progress periodically, and we thought that our readers might like to see their most recent report, reproduced here with permission…

The Rivet Club – Newsletter 36

by Andrew Panton

This week has been the first week back so everyone is getting back into the swing of it!
The anchor nut strip is due in this week from the USA which will enable us to progress the trailing edge and reassemble it ready to be fitted back onto the aircraft.
The cleaning of the rear spar face has been progressing ready for a repaint and the trailing edge be attached.

The Lancaster’s rear spar web has been completely cleaned and the mounting studs for the trailing edge are being cleaned and treated to remove any corrosion in preparation for reattaching the trailing edge. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

We have started to paint strip some of the spars in the areas we can get to. This will give us a better idea the condition along its length.

Paint stripping the forward spar bottom boom in the starboard undercarriage bay. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

The trailing edge panels have been progressing well, and will soon be finished, ready for a top coat of paint. We received these back from primer this week so they have progressed nicely.

The trailing edge has had the original panel covers rehung to keep them safe while the new panels are completed. We have also replaced some of the anchor nut strips where necessary while awaiting the strips with the 3/4 inch spacing which are due imminently. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

Riveting strength plates to the new skins. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

One of the new panels in primer ready to be trial fitted and then painted. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

Another trailing edge panel is pinned and ready for riveting. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

Along with trailing edge panels, we have received some parts for the bulkhead from the paint shop and many more items have gone for a coat.

More parts have returned from being repainted and are being fitted back onto the number 3 bulkhead. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

The Lancaster’s starboard inboard bulkhead awaiting the return of the inboard subframe from Non Destructive Testing. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

More items have gone away to be fabricated following inspection with several of the rudder and fin ribs requiring fabrication. We were also fortunate to receive a couple of new torque wrenches and a torque checker from Norbar as a donation to the project, they are very gratefully received!

We have received some excellent new torque tools from Norbar as a kind gesture to the restoration project. (photo via Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center)

There are some winter tours planned HERE so you can have a close up look at the inner workings of the winter restoration. More updates soon!

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