Lancaster NX611 ‘Just Jane’ – Restoration Update 103

Avro Lancaster B.VII NX611 Just Jane is steadily progressing back to flying condition at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center in East Kirkby, UK. Here is a recent update on restoration progress. (image via wikimedia)

As many of our readers will be well aware, Avro Lancaster B.VII NX611 Just Jane is under restoration to airworthy condition with the Lincoln Aviation Heritage Center at former RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire, England. We have been reporting on their progress periodically, and we thought that our readers might like to see a recent report, reproduced here with permission…

The Rivet Club – Newsletter 103

by Andrew Panton

This week we have managed to make good progress with the rear fuselage of NX611. Jack and John have been forging on with the riveting of all of the parts back into the fuselage structure.

Part of the work is deciding which order the parts should all go back together to make sure we only rivet it all once. There are so many opportunities to rivet one part in which then obscures/reduces access to a rivet head or tail of another part. It follows the old adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’.

The rear turret hoop has been riveted into position, the lower skins to the stringers, the reinforcing extrusion into the bottom of the fuselage and the former/frame into the skins and stringer brackets. Next week will hopefully see the bulkhead and all of its associated parts riveted and bolted back into the fuselage leaving the floor intercostals and all of the structure below the turret to be done.

The starboard wingtip has been making progress, with many small parts progressing, along with the extruded chords and web being built up. The web and chords have been riveted together, and the stud holes reamed to the correct size so make it all ready for fixing into the jig. We’re still waiting for many of the larger parts from Mark Cole, who has been away.

The port wingtip has been at a standstill while Kev has been away.

Sadly, we are beginning to feel the affects of the terrible new virus Covid 19. This will undoubtedly have a devastating affect upon the Centre, and depending on its financial impact, it will set the project back by at least a year. If you have any way you can help to support the Centre through this time, it would be most gratefully appreciated. The project relies on the funds raised by the operating of the Centre and the kind support from our Rivet Club and Supporters Association members.

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Thanks for your support!

Andrew Panton

Parts of the bulkhead ready to be built up

Jack making a start at riveting all of the parts on to the bulkhead

Riveting the first part of the rear fuselage into place; this is the reinforcing extrusion forward of the former and bulkhead.

The rear turret hoop riveted into position.

The first stage of re-actioning a rivet from skin to stringer: compress the skins and stringer down the length of the rivet.

The second stage is to buck the rivet to form the rivet tail.

Riveting the skins back to the stringers.

Pinning the former/frame into position.

Former/frame being riveted into position.

Drilling and riveting the starboard wingtip web and extrusion chords.

That’s all for this particular update. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it. As can be seen, a lot of work remains to be done, but the aircraft is well on the way back to flying condition. It is being done in a methodical and careful manner in order to keep the aircraft available for ground-running operations during the summer months. For those interested in helping support this important project, please click HERE

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