The People’s Mosquito: Operation Jericho – Update 5

Mosquito bombers of 140 Wing cross the English channel just above the waves on their way to attack the Amiens prison during Operation Jericho. The People's Mosquito project is hard at work raising funds and manufacturing parts for an airworthy mosquito. The fundraising project is aptly named Operation Jericho. See their latest progress here! (image via wikipedia)
Aircorps Art Dec 2019

The People’s Mosquito has just announced the latest update in their fundraising campaign, dubbed Operation Jericho, and what these funds have already initiated. They began this campaign just seven weeks ago, and have raised more than 30% of the £250,000 budget to complete both of the fuselage moulds for their deHavilland Mosquito project, along with money for construction of the fuselage itself. They have added more in the interim, and Retrotec are making real progress with the construction of the moulds as well. We thought our readers would enjoy reading their update and consider contributing themselves…


Last week we asked you to hit £75K by the end of the May Bank Holiday, and the super ‘Mossie’ fans you are you did it! Total funds raised by 25th May was:


We are now over 30% of the final goal. The Directors, Volunteers and all associated with the project wish to say a great big :


This is a tremendous achievement especially in light of today’s extraordinary times. We are putting your donations to good use and please see the progress in the next article, below. There is still much progress to be made and our next target is …


Father’s Day  –  Sunday, 21st June

So why not look for a special gift by purchasing one of our reward packages. There are options to suit every pocket, from £25 through to £5000.

Please click HERE to visit the campaign website.


In previous updates, we shared the arrival of a new batch of Jelutong wood. Well, thanks to the success of your donations Retrotec has now had to order more! In addition to this, we are eagerly awaiting the first delivery of airworthy grade Sitka Spruce. We will of course keep sharing more images of progress every week to fully update you.
To illustrate the progress of the mould manufacturing please see the image above taken in November 2019. Now compare this to the latest image taken this week below.
The eagle-eyed amongst you may spot a particular brand of jellied sweetie (note green package on the mould above)! However, the team has assured this editor that it is not a secret glue ingredient, but definitely a much-needed energy boost in the workshop!

One of the in-fills during the blocking-out stage.

The in-fill after fully forming the jelutong wood sections.

Help us sustain progress please share our project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or simply forward this update to like-minded people. It is by increasing awareness we will see RL249 airworthy

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