Cancelled: TBM Reunion and Salute to Veterans 2020

Turkeys on the prowl, some of the TBMs which attended the first TBM gathering in Peru, Illinois back in April, 2016. (photo by Greg Morehead)
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Unfortunately, we must report that the TBM Reunion and Salute to Veterans will not take place this year after all. We all hoped in our reported HERE a month ago that shifting the event to July 24/25 in Terra Haute, Indiana would allow the annual gathering of TBM Avengers to take place, but even the move from its usual venue in Peru, Illinois was not enough to rescue the opportunity. Given the extreme uncertainty we are all facing right now due to the global pandemic, it shouldn’t be too surprising sadly.

Cary Miller, TBM Committee Chairman, announced the event’s ultimate cancellation on June 4th with the following statement:

“We regret to announce that the TBM Reunion and Salute to Veterans airshow in Terre Haute, Indiana has been canceled. Due to a major loss in sponsorship funding this year, and the fact that there just wasn’t enough time to put it all together, the folks at Hoosier Aviation reluctantly decided to scrub the mission. Again, we thank Hoosier Aviation for their valiant effort, and we certainly feel their pain. We, in Peru, are going to take a little breath, regroup, and will soon start planning for our next TBM gathering in 2021. Thank you to all our friends and supporters as we navigated through this troubled year. We look forward to seeing all of you and more next year at our TBM Avenger Reunion and Salute to Veterans Airshow in Peru, Illinois. Thank you.”

We wish them well in planning for next year. Be safe and stay well!


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