Connie Bowlin Passing the Torch as President of EAA Warbirds of America

After serving two consecutive two-year terms  as President of  EAA Warbirds Of America, Connie Bowlin, has  decided to “pass the torch” and stepped down from the post. A highly experienced warbird pilot, Bowlin has served with distinction, and now welcomes Jim “Zack” Olzacki, a well known T-34 pilot, to succeed her in the presidency ( Read the article HERE). Connie Bowlin made the following announcement about her decision noting:

“Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the Warbird eblast. Today is my last day to serve as the President Of Warbirds, so I’d like to take just a few moments of your time to say it has been a pleasure to work with you and for you. Our organization is strong and I’m confident it will continue under new leadership to serve you and preserve our heritage and our freedoms to fly these historic aircraft.

When I viewed the highlights featured in the above link It is clear that I have been very fortunate to fly so many great airplanes. Even more; the wonderful friends and the memories that each one of those clips brings to mind are priceless.
It has been especially rewarding for me to hear from members and know that I have, in a small way touched their lives. A few examples are veterans who appreciated the recognition and the opportunity to share their history; aircraft owners who share my commitment saying thank you; volunteers who knew, that I worked for them and did not hesitate to share their concerns or questions. And to the Warbird Board members and staff who were and are great to work with. Thanks all!”

Click the image below to watch Connie Bowlin highlights


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