Follow The D-Day Squadron Live Flying Across The Atlantic Ocean

FlightAware has created a special link to track the progress of the D-Day Squadron as they cross the North Atlantic.

That's All, Brother and Placid Lassie are two of the airplanes participating in the airshow. Photo by Rich Cooper
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Today May 18, 2024 (EDT 09:30 EDT), five years after their successful mission in 2019, the D-Day Squadron – the American contingent of Douglas C-47 and DC-3 transports is expected to depart Waterbury-Oxford Airport (KOXC) in Oxford, Connecticut and head out across the North Atlantic along the original Blue Spruce route.  Once they complete the flight the fleet will participate in events to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasions and 75th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

For the occasion, FlightAware has created a special link to track the progress of the fleet.  FlightAware is an American multinational technology company that provides real-time, historical, and predictive flight tracking data and products. As of 2019, it is the world’s largest flight-tracking platform, with a network of over 32,000 ADS-B ground stations in 200 countries.

The aircraft which confirmed their participation as of November 10th commemorating Veterans and Remembrance Day are:

  • C-47 “Placid Lassie” ( N74589) – Tunison Foundation – USA
  • C-47 “That’s All, Brother” ( N47TB) – Commemorative Air Force Centex Wing – USA
  • C-47 “ Screaming Eagle” (N150D) – Private Owner – USA
  • R4D “ Ready 4 Duty” (151ZE) – Commemorative Air Force Dallas – Ft. Worth Wing – USA
  • C-53 “Spirit of Douglas” (N8336C) – Private Owner – New Zealand
  • Dc-3 ‘Western Airlines” (N33644) – Vintage Flying Machines

For today, the plan is for the aircraft to land at Presque Isle International Airport (KPQI) and remain overnight.  On Sunday, May 19th the airplanes will depart towards Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada where they will refuel and assess the weather conditions before commencing the Atlantic crossing. After Goose Bay, the D-Day Squadron airplanes will land at Narsarsuaq International Airport, Greenland (BGBW) (ETA May 20th), Reykjavik Domestic Airport, Iceland (RKV) (ETA May 21st), Glasgow-Prestwick Airport, Scotland (EGPK) (ETA May 22nd), and then finally North Weald Airfield (EGSX), Essex,  England.

Virginia Ann’s crew, during the 2019 mission, before they departed Narsarsuaq for Prestwick this morning. (photo via D-Day Squadron)

Once the D-Day Squadron aircrews make their crossing over the Atlantic reaching the U.K. they’ll head direct to the historic North Weald airfield in Essex (around the last week of May). The aircraft will be welcomed by Keith and Aero Legends. From here, aircraft and aircrews will be attending several exciting events, organized by Aero Legends. Multiple events include an eclectic mix of ground shows, air shows, parachute drops, and unique opportunities to get up close to the aircraft. On May 31st, spectators can watch the ground show as parachutists clamber aboard the aircraft and practice their drops.

After the conclusion of the D-Day 80th anniversary celebrations in Normandy, France some of the Douglas C-47s and DC-3s from the D-Day Squadron, along with others based in Europe, will continue onwards to Germany to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the successful conclusion of the Berlin Airlift.

To follow the D-Day Squadron live, click THIS LINK

Estimated Departure Time 09:30 EDT

Iridium,  a company offering communications solutions ranging from satellite phones to broadband services, has set up a handy moving interactive map where the tracks can be seen when some are sent.


  1. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of taking a ride in “That’s All Brother” when the team visited the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beacdh on Sep 14, 2022. What a marvelous experience.!

  2. So what is the FlightAware link?

    Small detail .. it’s Canadian Forces Base (capital F, noun, not verb).

      • The link provided in your article delivers a blank map of North America, no activity. I was asking for the identifier that FlightAware is using – hoping the app might show something. Using the registry, one aircraft appears to be in OSH.

  3. Have a safe journey everyone ❤️ god bless and gods speed looking forward to you’re arrival in the UK 🇬🇧

  4. Yesterday, 18th May, FlightAware showed four aircraft in the air as well as four at KPQI. Did the rest arrive at KPQI?

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