Fundraising Campaign to Launch on 16th Anniversary of Vulcan XH558’s Triumphant Return to Flight

Thursday 18th October 2007 dawned, a perfect day for flying, and destined to be an unforgettable one.


Thousands of people have become a part of the history of Vulcan XH558 – the last airworthy Avro Vulcan – by having their names added beneath her delta wing. To mark the 16th anniversary of XH558 returning to flight Vulcan to the Sky is offering supporters a chance to have a name added to the iconic aircraft under the bomb-bay doors. Aviation enthusiasts can celebrate Vulcan XH558’s second display career and have your name placed under the bomb-bay doors of the iconic aircraft. Vulcan to the Sky has been working closely with the current owners of the airport and partners on a plan that will hopefully see XH558 remain in Doncaster, and they are keen to provide improved access to Vulcan XH558 for supporters.

XH558 taking off for the last time. (photo by Steven Comber)

Marc Walters, chief executive of VTST, said: “We know how much it means to supporters to have their name on XH558 and become part of her history. Thousands of people have already shown their support and had their name or that of a loved one placed under the wings of this iconic aircraft. October holds great significance for Vulcan XH558, on October 18, 2007, she took her first post-restoration flight, and on October 28, 2015, she performed her last flight – making this the final ever flight of an Avro Vulcan. To mark these significant moments in XH558’s flying career, we are offering supporters the opportunity to have their name on XH558, giving them a permanent connection to this remarkable and historically important aircraft. We know that our supporters want to see XH558, and people love to visit and see the name that they have chosen taking pride of place on this iconic aircraft and that is why it is important for us to let people know that we are working closely with the airports owners on a plan that we hope will see XH558 remain in Doncaster with increased access for supporters via a series of open days in 2024. Given the current uncertainty around the future ownership of the site, we are conscious that any agreement may be temporary, but we remain hopeful that an agreement that is suitable for both parties can be agreed.”

Doncaster Sheffield Airport closed after owners, Peel Land and Property, conducted a strategic review of its costs. The local council has since expressed interest in reopening the airport and is in ongoing discussions with Peel. “We were thrilled to see Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones publicly stated that she would hope to see Vulcan XH558 remain in Doncaster for years to come,” added Marc Walters.

Take a bow XH558… it’s been magic having you in the air these past few years. (Photo by Steven Comber)

For a donation of £35 per name, supporters can have their name beneath XH558’s bomb-bay doors. All names will be added to the aircraft early in 2024 and details of how supporters can visit to see their name in place will be made available later in the year. Marc added: “We are continuously bowled over by the support shown to the project and this latest appeal will help the team of volunteers to continue to keep XH558 well maintained and looked after.”

This opportunity opens on Wednesday 18 October 2023, Click HERE to add your name!

XH558 beautifully captured by John Dibbs



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