Hawker Hurricane Restoration Progresses in Quebec

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The Mark XII awaits her Merlin. (image credit: VWoC)
The Mark XII awaits her Merlin.
(image credit: VWoC)

The restoration of Hawker Hurricane XII 5547, registration number C-GGAJ under the care of Vintage Wings of Canada from Gatteneau, Quebec is reporting progress. The plane, acquired in 2006 has been making slow but steady gains and will soon have its wings reattached to its fuselage, having recently completing the installation of its cooling lines.

Produced in 1942, this Hurricane flew with the Royal Canadian Air Force for several years before being decommissioned in 1946. It is currently stripped to bare metal is planned to be painted in the colors and markings of P2961 ‘LE-A’, the Hurricane flown by Canadian “Flying Ace,” Flying Officer Willie McKnight of the RCAF’s 242nd Squadron, complete with the iconic cartoon of a boot kicking a cartoon version of Hitler. McKnight went on to join the RAF for the Battle of Britain and with 17 enemy kills to his credit, was one of Canada’s highest-scoring aces. His career and life were cut short however when he was shot down in January 1941 over Calais, France.


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