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While gourmet coffee may not exactly be the first thing one thinks about when it comes to the preservation and promotion of our military aviation heritage, the Silver Wings Coffee Company is aiming to change that. As many will know, Erik Hokuf has been heavily involved in the restoration of vintage military aircraft for many years. He is also the managing partner of the world-class restoration shop AirCorps Aviation. Erik and his wife Sarah recently founded the Silver Wings Coffee Company to bring an aviation theme to drinking coffee. Silver Wings Coffee is a premium coffee with a story to be told!

As they state it… Silver Wings Coffee Company will share the stories of the men and women that served in WWII and supported the war effort on the home front. With names like ‘Mustang’, ‘Fortress’, and ‘Black Widow’, aviation enthusiasts will be sure to find a favorite! Make sure to collect the special edition bags with invasion stripes! These will support the D-Day Squadron to send a fleet of C-47s to Normandy in June. Silver Wings Coffee Co. is a family-run business founded by Sarah and Erik Hokuf, along with their two children. Erik is also the managing partner of AirCorps Aviation and Sarah owns Evolve Creative, a branding agency specializing in aviation.

To order the coffee online or to submit a WWII story, visit

Silver Wings Coffee founder Sarah Hokuf on the left and Aircorps Aviation’s managing partner Erik Hokuf on the right.


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