Brutus – BMW VI Aero Engine Car to Feature at Brazzeltag

'Brutus' on view during a 2013 motor show in Essen, Germany. The enigmatic automobile's rare 47 litre, 12 cylinder BMW VI aircraft engine sits uncowled so visitors can have a closer look. Brutus is set to take part in the Brazzeltag vintage auto rally at the Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany over the weekend of May 13/14, 2023. (image via Wikimedia)
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by Richard Mallory Allnutt
While we don’t typically cover automobile related subjects here, there is sometimes a cross-over into the vintage aviation scene which bears discussion. One such example is the use of aero-engines to power land vehicles such as the marvelously insane, German-built monster known as Brutus. This machine, based upon an American LaFrance chassis dating from 1908, conjures up the sights and sounds of automobile races from the 1920s and 30s. It features a rare, 47 litre BMW VI v-12 engine, which may originally have powered an early-model Heinkel He 111 bomber. The roar and exhaust flames it can produce at full throttle are deeply impressive, as the video below can attest. Brutus likely offers the only opportunity one presently has to see and hear a BMW VI in action…
Brutus is presently on display at the Technik Museum Sinsheim Speyer in Sinsheim, Germany, but enthusiasts will be able to see (and hear) the machine roar to life at Brazzeltag, a vintage automobile rally which the museum will host over the weekend of May 13th/14th.

A view of the BMW VI aero-engine which powers Brutus. (image via Wikimedia)

The Technik Museum also features a fabulous array of vintage civil and military aircraft in addition to its vehicle collection.

Junkers Ju 52 D-AQUI on display at the Technik Museum. (image via wikimedia)

As some may recall, Brutus also featured in the BBC television show, Top Gear, with then-presenter Jeremy Clarkson taking the beast for a spin in what can only be described as terrifying conditions, which the clip below reliably portrays.


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