Rise Above: WASP Film Finally Touring Nationwide

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PRESS RELEASE – The new film Rise Above: WASP is finally touring the country, with exhibition dates and locations nationwide. The first stop is at the Kansas City Airshow this weekend (July 3-4, 2021). This new film experience about the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) is designed to educate and inspire. Produced by Hemlock Films, the film is part of the larger Rise Above education initiative created by the Commemorative Air Force museum.

Rise Above: WASP details the story of the first women to fly for the United States Armed Forces – the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) – during WWII. Using never-before-seen interviews with former WASP aviators, state of the art graphics, epic aerial sequences and historical reenactments, Rise Above: WASP introduces these historic ladies’ story to the world like never before. Exhibition of the film takes place throughout the country in the Rise Above Traveling Exhibit, creating an exhilarating film experience.

Rise Above: WASP was actually completed at the end of 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic obviously caused a suspension of the film tour until now. Even so, over the past year the film has participated and won awards in several film festivals.

The Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP, were the first female pilots to fly military aircraft for the United States. Because the prevailing attitude of domestic society at the time held the view that women did not belong in a cockpit, these pioneering women had to overcome many challenges before ultimately proving themselves as being more than equal to the task of flying complex, modern aircraft.

Even though they faced a military un-willing to include them, and significant prejudice from many of their male contemporaries,  the perseverance and dedication which the WASP possessed allowed them to rise above, and serve their country in a time of great need, blazing a path for future generations of women who would follow them into aircraft cockpits, and male-dominated careers everywhere.

While the WASP ultimately fielded just 1,074 women, their positive impact on the war effort was substantial. Furthermore, their collective story provides an inspirational lesson about the power of self-confidence and determination, teaching us that no matter our dreams, working hard to make them real can allow us to ultimately succeed.

Rise Above WASP – Trailer #2 from Hemlock Films on Vimeo.  

About Hemlock Films

NE Ohio-based Hemlock Films is a multi-Emmy winning film production company, specializing in aviation history. Rise Above: WASP was created by Hemlock Films director Kara White and producer Adam White. Kara and Adam have produced the national PBS Emmy winning documentaries The Restorers – Season 1 and Space Chase USA. Their last creation for the CAF, Rise Above: Tuskegee Airmen, won the prestigious ICAS 2011 Special Achievement Award. For more information visit www.hemlockfilms.com

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