Jet Training in the SIAI-Marchetti S-211, Upcoming Flight Training Dates

A Victory Aviation Company pilot and student after flying a training mission in one of the organization's SIAI-Marchetti S.211 jet trainers. You too can experience the thrill of flying a high performance ex-military jet trainer without the expense and responsibility of ownership. (photo via Victory Aviation Company LLC)
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As we first reported HERE in July, the FAA recently approved Victory Aviation Company LLC to conduct flight training in their Italian-made SIAI-Marchetti S-211 ex-military jets. Feedback from this article led to significant interest, with seventeen pilots now having completed their initial training sorties in the S-211!

As many readers will know, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tightly regulates the commercial use of former military aircraft, such as the S-211, by civilian operators. The FAA’s approval granting Victory Aviation Company LLC a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) for S-211 flight training, to include initial check-out and formation flying, is the result of an extensive review of their program. As the company states…

Victory Aviation’s training focuses on safety and skills that offer uncommon value to any pilot, in any aircraft—part-time or professional. In the Marchetti S-211, pilots will improve their stick-and-rudder skills, safety mindset, decision making, risk management, and more—while controlling a high-performance military jet. All of this comes without the expense and challenges of sole ownership.   

This program is founded upon tactical jet instructor experience, blending proven military training programs with General Aviation and FAA operational best practices. You can fly a short familiarization flight, or progress through a full checkout, including: aircraft systems, cockpit familiarization, normal procedures, emergencies, operating limitations, FAA considerations, aerobatics, unusual attitude recoveries, instrument procedures, and risk management. Optionally, you can complete a check-ride with the FAA Examiner to receive an S-211 Experimental Aircraft Authorization on your pilot’s license.  After initial training, you can progress to the formation syllabus, and even military-style mission scenarios.

Victory Aviation’s two aircraft are single-engine jet trainers manufactured in Italy in the mid-1980’s, and formerly in service with the Republic of Singapore Air Force.  The S-211 uses a proven Pratt & Whitney JT-15D engine (as used in Cessna Citations), and mostly American avionics. One Victory Aviation aircraft has original military avionics, and one has been modified with the Garmin G3X and GTN750. You can fly both! 

For operations from our Texas base, normal rates will start at $2,500/hr, with significant discounts for multiple flights and block time. Upcoming S-211 flight training dates in Denton, TX (west side of DFW) are as follows…

•      September 5-9, 19-23

•      October 10-14, 20-24

•      November 7-11, 28-30

•      Additional dates are available for full checkouts, at your convenience.

Readers of and Warbird Digest will receive a discount rate of $2,250/hr for flights scheduled during 2018.  To take advantage of this unmatched flying opportunity and confirm your training date, contact Chris Koelzer at mobile 817.676.4403, or


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