Curtiss Jenny Open Cockpit Event at Yanks Air Museum

The Yanks Air Museum Curtiss 1C Jenny (JN-4D)
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The Yanks Air Museum Curtiss 1C Jenny (JN-4D)
The Yanks Air Museum Curtiss 1C Jenny (JN-4D)

The Yanks Air Museum is holding an open-cockpit event with their rare Curtiss 1C Jenny this Saturday between 10:00am until 3:00 pm. Sitting in the cockpit, the visitor will undoubtedly understand how frail and vulnerable an American military pilot from WWI would have felt as they prepared to join the fight. The Jenny was a vital element of America’s arsenal a hundred years ago, and trained 95% of US WWI pilots. 2014 marks the centennial for the beginning of that global conflagration.

The military got rid of thousands of Jenny’s and other aircraft following the end of WWI. A war-surplus Jenny and engine could be had for as little as $400, and consequently this started the age of barnstorming. Hundreds of veteran US pilots bought up these aircraft, and toured around the US, visiting one small town after another selling rides, or performing aerial stunts. Many Americans back in the twenties got their first aeroplane rides in a Jenny, and were spurred on to learn to fly themselves, or get involved in the aviation industry, so the type played a vital role even after its retirement from the services. Very few of the fragile aircraft remain today, so it is a real treat to get the chance to even see one, let alone sit in it. So be sure to pop by the Yanks Air Museum if you get the chance.

Yanks Open Cockpit Days occur the third Saturday of each month and have become very popular with local families and aviation enthusiasts. For more information visit the Yanks Air Museum’s website.


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