Palm Springs Air Museum Announces The F-117 Experience

Palm Springs Air Museum welcoming its F-117
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The Palm Springs Air Museum has another iconic airplane to add to its already impressive collection: the F-117 Nighthawk. On Saturday, October 3rd, a  group of museum volunteers and enthusiasts welcomed the aircraft from Nevada. After the iconic stealth fighter, with its jagged edges and sleek design, was trucked across the Palm Springs International Airport’s runways, it was greeted with a water arch from the Palm Springs Fire Department as part of its retirement ceremony. One of only 59 produced, the aircraft, which is typically black, arrived with an aluminum-colored exterior since its radar-absorbent material had been removed as part of a demilitarization process from the Air Force.

To support the intense public interest in Nighthawk #833, the Palm Springs Air Museum will be offering six  F-117A Exclusive Visitor Experiences. Each experience lasts 90 minutes and will feature a different Skunk Works Expert or F-117 pilot to interpret the airplane, and will include a different Limited Edition T-Shirt, and a chance to look inside the cockpit for each session. There will also be plenty of photo opportunities.
The F-117 is not on regular display, these events are the only way to view the aircraft until complete restoration is complete in Spring 2021. Each event is limited to 117 attendees. For more information visit

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