Temora Aviation Museum – Restoration Update July 2020

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As many will know, the Temora Aviation Museum (TAM), in Temora, Australia had to postpone their famous Warbirds Downunder air show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally scheduled for October 17/18,  2020, it will now take place sometime next autumn; museum management expects to confirm the exact dates sometime soon.

But despite these trying times, which required TAM to temporarily close to the public for a while (it is now open again, but with restrictions), museum personnel took the opportunity to devote their energies into several in-house restoration projects currently underway. TAM has just published a brief update on recent progress, which we thought readers would be interested to read:

English Electric Canberra TT.18 WJ680:

The Canberra restoration is tracking along well.

The engines have successfully completed their initial parameter and functional checks. Technicians have also completed the aircraft’s weight and balance checks, and are presently fine-tuning the electric start conversion (in place of the original cartridge-starter system). The next part in the process will involve the engine fire extinguisher bottles, which are awaiting overhaul.

These are exciting times as this important aircraft inches closer to flying again!

Temora’s Canberra running her engines back in 2008. She recently completed engine checks, and is well on the way to flying again. (image by Jeff Gilbert via wikimedia)

deHavilland DH-115 Vampire T.35 A79-617:

The Vampire restoration is also moving in the right direction. Airframe inspections are now complete. The  engines are undergoing inspections for their return to service, although the restoration team is awaiting the arrival of some parts to complete this initiative.

Temora’s Vampire T.35 A79-617 seen here back in 2008 when she was still fully airworthy. She should be flying again fairly soon given the progress with her engine maintenance. (image by Robert Frola via wikimedia)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI TB863:

A contractor has completed the Spitfire’s fuel cell, which is now on its way back to Temora for installation.

Temora’s Spitfire Mk.XVI, seen here at an event last year, will be flying again soon following the installation of her fuel cell. (image via wikimedia)

While TAM’s Warbirds Downunder air show event has had to be pushed until next year, since it involved aircraft and people visiting from further afield, there are still a couple of warbird flying displays involving the museum’s own aircraft taking place at Temora this year. These include the two Aircraft Showcase events; one scheduled for August 29th, and the other for the weekend of October 17/18. Each of these events is expected to include all of the museum’s serviceable aircraft: the Supermarine Spitfires, CA-13 Boomerang, Cessna O-2A, Gloster Meteor, Lockheed Hudson, Wirraway, Tiger Moth and Ryan STM-S2. Also, each event will be strictly limited to 450 visitors, and tickets are ONLY available via pre-event purchase, as no walk-up tickets will be available. Please make sure to check for availability well ahead of time by contacting the museum.

The Temora Aviation Museum’s CA-13 Boomerang A46-122 is expected to fly at the museum’s Aircraft Showcase events in August and October. (photo by Chris Finney via wikimedia)

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