Introducing the Hawker Hunter Timepiece

Hunter F6A in flight near RAF Abingdon, 1979
Hunter F6A in flight near RAF Abingdon, 1979

If greatness in a combat airplane equates with outstanding service longevity and extreme operational flexibility the Hawker Hunter is indeed truly great and one of the classic fighter designs of all time. It is aesthetically beautiful and a thoroughbred aircraft in every sense. This was almost to be expected, given that it’s design was penned by Sir Sydney Camm who’s other major masterpieces included the Hurricane and the Harrier.

Originally designed as an air superiority fighter in the 1950’s, the Hunter went on to become the most successful post-war British military aircraft with almost 2,000 being produced, of which one third were later rebuilt by the manufacturer to zero time standard, the last leaving the Dunsfold factory in 1976. Aided by its high power to weight ratio, inherent strength and adaptability, the design evolved from the pure fighter in to a superlative ground attack aircraft, the pinnacle of the design being the Swiss MK58 Hunters. This version was continuously updated to accommodate the latest weapons systems prior to being prematurely retired in the mid 1990’s as a direct result of the end of the Cold War.  Today, a number of Hunters solider on with contractor adversary companies.

Because of its superb design and unique place in aviation history, our sponsors at AVI-8 have decided to commemorate the Hawker Hunter with one of their own, inimitable watch designs. We at WarbirdsNews hope our readers will enjoy this exotic timepiece.  The AV-4052 seemingly brings the instrument panel and cockpit of the Hawker Hunter to the wrist of the wearer with a homage and representation that is still utterly practical and balanced as a timepiece.

Hawker Hunter F4 Cockpit
Hawker Hunter F4 Cockpit

With the angled off squared shape that echoes the key pieces of the Hunters own instrumentation, the reference to the famed military jet that first flew in service for the RAF in the early 1950s, is obvious.  A sturdy yet precisely finished marine grade stainless steel case houses a Japanese retrograde split time chronograph that sits under the dial. The dial itself is a perfectly designed assembly of indentations, tension rings and carefully positioned subdial frames that continue the look and feel of this watch as a piece of military instrumentation.

AV-4052-02-MS22 copy

Outlined hands are bold yet skeletonized to offer clarity and visibility of all subdials on the multi-layered dial that offers depth and detail for the wearer. With piston like pushers and level upon level of Hunter inspired aesthetic touches, the AV 4052 pays suitable tribute to the famed jetwithout being cluttered and fussy in its carefully considered design. Snugly strapped to the wrist with a hand stitched vintage genuine leather strap – the AV 4052 is an impressive, functional and unique aviation inspired timepiece like no other.

AV-4052-05-MS86 copy



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