Introducing The Flyboy Camouflage Collection

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AVI-8_ The Flyboy Camouflage Collection

Founded in 2006, AVI-8 was created as collaboration between a watch company and a group of aviation industry professionals.  Since their founding AVI-8 has released an incredible array of watches, from vintage style to contemporary elegance.  Now they have released the Flyboy series, which comes in two distinct styles.

The Flyboy Camouflage Collection mimics the watches that today’s pilots wear on operational missions.  Using a blend of cotton canvas camouflage with an underlining of leather in solid color, this series comes in three schemes- a three-tone desert scheme, a three-tone forest scheme and a slightly lighter four-color scheme.  The faces of these watches mirrors the straps and the hands are designed in such a way that they are easily readable against the camouflaged background.


Whereas the Camouflage Series has a certain utilitarian look, the Vintage Collection is a beautiful blend of simplicity and understated classic style.  There are two versions of this watch, one is classic silver while the other has a vintage brass look.  Though they are made of modern materials using state-of-the-art watchmaking technology, each version features subtle hints of oxidation and other forms of patina.  In contrast the Vintage flyboy watches feature genuine leather straps that are so supple in nature they seem fit for Thomas Crown himself.

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