The People’s Mosquito: Operation Jericho – Update 4

A wartime sight which we soon hope to see replicated at Retrotec, with the construction of a new fuselage for the People's Mosquito project. This image shows a woman named Mrs.Judd, working on the Mosquito production line at the de Havilland Factory in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, during 1943. She is preparing strips of wood to tack over gauze inside the Mosquito's hull. (photo via Wikimedia)
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The People’s Mosquito has just announced the latest update in their fundraising campaign, dubbed Operation Jericho, and what these funds have already initiated. They began this campaign just five weeks ago, and have raised more than 26% of the £250,000 budget to complete both of the fuselage moulds for their deHavilland Mosquito project, along with money for construction of the fuselage itself. They have added more in the interim, and Retrotec are making real progress with the construction of the moulds as well. We thought our readers would enjoy reading their update and consider contributing themselves…

‘Donations = Progress’ as a headline we used in the past updates, proves once again to ring true. This week we were able to catch up with the team at Retrotec working on the in-fills, eagerly using the jelutong wood the campaign has paid for.

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Working from Mosquito factory drawings to build the fuselage drawings. (photo via Peoples Mosquito)

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In the past week alone, all the jelutong hardwood required to complete Mould A has been delivered to the factory and the team has been hard at work preparing the next series of in-fills on the mould itself. Mould A forms the port side of the aircraft fuselage. (photo via Peoples Mosquito)

Guy Black, Managing Director of Retrotec said: “The team has made excellent progress this week, utilizing the drawings database and been able to complete an in-fill in 8 hours from start to finish”.

Your continued support once again has been nothing short of brilliant. Thank you very much, and we have now raised 26% of our goal in just over 5 weeks with a running total of …


The funds are being put to good use by the team down at Retrotec. Last week great progress being made on new in-fills being constructed, as seen in the pictures above.

Now we again ask for your fantastic support to hit the next milestone of: £75,000

…by the May 25th Bank Holiday. 

There are reward packages to suit all budgets, and in addition to this if you wish to regularly donate towards the package of your choosing we have set up a simple and effective way for you to take part. Please read all the detail here:

Regular Donations page here

Please also email us at to inform us your regular donation is set up.


Expanding public awareness is for you to see RL249 return to UK skies. Help us to accelerate progress by spreading the word about The People’s Mosquito and share this campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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