The People’s Mosquito: Operation Jericho – Update 6

de Havilland Mosquito B.XVI ML963 in flight during WWII. The People's Mosquito project to rebuild an airworthy Mosquito in England is full speed ahead... check out the latest on their progress and contribute to the fund-raising appeal. (image via Wikipedia)
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The People’s Mosquito has just announced the latest update in their fundraising campaign, dubbed Operation Jericho, and what these funds have already initiated. They began this campaign just ten weeks ago, and have raised more than a third of the £250,000 budget to complete both of the fuselage moulds for their deHavilland Mosquito project, along with money for construction of the fuselage itself. They have added more in the interim, and Retrotec are making real progress with the construction of the moulds as well. We thought our readers would enjoy reading their update and consider contributing themselves…

Working on an InFill section for the Mosquito’s fuselage mould. (image via The People’s Mosquito)

Thanks to you ‘Mould A’ edging closer to completion!

Latest news from the workshop of Retrotec, the team has now all but finished the rear part of one-half, apart from one bay, which has some cut-outs that are being researched.

Our campaign is now just over 1/3rd towards our final target in just over 9 weeks, and our running total now is just under …


By bringing you these updates, we aim to share with you how this beautiful aircraft is going to be built and to share what your donations and contributions are doing. 

Therefore, help us to maintain this amazing journey for you to witness aviation heritage coming alive and hit our next milestone of


by Father’s Day 21st June

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We are approaching coming up to 10 weeks into the campaign. For this week’s update we wanted to show you using the pics from the workshop how mould A has progressed thanks to your amazing donations. Thank you for your continued support.

Working on finishing up the InFill sections of Mould A for the manufacture of half the Mosquito’s fuselage. (image via The People’s Mosquito)

Mould A for the Mosquito fuselage is getting close to completion
. (image via The People’s Mosquito)

Retrotec is now researching the longitudinal ribs to be inset and how the door plus hatch infills are constructed and prepare for these. Retrotec also reports that the treasure trove of Mosquito drawings we hold continues to share excellent technical data.

Reading through the myriad of drawings for the mosquito. (image via The People’s Mosquito)


Expanding public awareness is for you to see RL249 return to UK skies. Help us to accelerate progress by spreading the word about The People’s Mosquito and share this campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

If you have a great idea for publicity to increase the awareness of this exciting project please contact us here. 

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    My grandfather Gordon Slatter was the main design engineer for the revolutionary fuel tank on the mosquito. He worked for Coopers and made the wooden tank that allows rounds to pass through without exploding … Would love to talk to you about this. The only thing ever talked about re : WW2 was this plane and the design developments that made it such an effective aircraft

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