BARNSTORMER: Wearing The Elegance and Nostalgia of Vintage Aviation

Barnstormer.  Just that one single word embodies the spirit of adventurers, explorers, heroes, and dreamers not afraid to make their dreams soar.  The origin of the term Barnstormer is rooted in military pilots returning from WWI.  As pilots who went to war in their youth and whose sole skill and career knowledge was in aviation returned from war, a new form of entertainment formed in the United States.  With aviation still very new and the civilian masses enthralled with the concept, the Barnstormer traveling the country providing shows of flight skill, aviation stunts, and airplane rides took flight.  Just like the Barnstormer of old, the BARNSTORMER aviation brand was born out of a dream, out of a desire to embody the spirit of aviation and create a narrative, through their products, of the hay day of barnstorming.

Victoria and Maxime, after a magical trip to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, were inspired to create a clothing line that would personify the spirit of the barnstormer for both aviation and automotive enthusiasts.  A line that would be unique in that it would tell the story of the mechanical prowess and fabulous human achievements in the aviation and automotive worlds.  BARNSTORMER conquers the hearts of the wearer, from their legendary polo shirts to their iconic jacket inspired by the WWII uniform, their collections have created a tangible link to history with elegance and nostalgia.  These exclusive pieces succeeded in creating a link between the wearer and the myths and legends told through their pieces.

This commitment is seen in their Preservation Program.  Their commitment to the education of generations and the preservation of vintage aviation shines through in the unique program.  Each time you see the “Preservation Program” logo on an item from BARNSTORMER, customers know that a portion of the item’s profits will be donated to the concerned association for the reconstruction or maintenance of that legendary machine.  Through your purchases, you not only purchase a quality, iconic piece related to aviation history, but you also have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to save our aeronautical heritage.


BARNSTORMER exudes meticulous quality, from the boxes for the product to the weaving, dying, and embroidery, to the final assembly, each detail is created with quality in mind.  The finished details, like the maintenance label titled “maintenance manual” and boxes made to keep and tell the story of the items, continue the theme of BARNSTORMER’s desire to fully immerse the wearer in the stories being told.  BARNSTORMER enjoys an excellent reputation for its rigorous work, the quality of its production, and the confidence of its partners who work tirelessly to preserve and further develop aeronautics.  From the Ground to the Sky, the brand BARNSTORMER allows you to live your passion for aviation anywhere, at any time. For more information visit




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