Finding Loren – Documentary to Missing P-47 Pilot Premieres this Saturday

1st Lt. Loren Hintz sitting in the cockpit of his P-47D Thunderbolt. The seasoned fighter pilot disappeared over Italy on April 21st, 1945, just days before the war in Europe ended. A documentary, Finding Loren, describing his family's efforts to locate his fighter's crash site and bring some sense of closure to their seven decade-long wait for his return will premiere this coming Saturday September 25, 2021. (image via AirCorps Aviation)
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Regular readers might remember a story we ran a few years ago which featured the family of a missing WWII P-47 Thunderbolt pilot, 1st Lt. Loren Hintz, and their efforts to locate the crash site of his aircraft, lost since April 21, 1945 in the Italian countryside. With the help of a local aviation archeological group, Archelogici dell’Aria (Archaeologists of the Air), and assistance from AirCorps Aviation, Lt. Hintz’ grandson Hans Wronka concluded this epic quest in 2016, both finding the P-47 and excavating the crash site, 18 feet down in the dark earth of a farmer’s field. More importantly they recovered Loren Hintz’ remains, his dog tags, and some of his personal effects, which were interred at the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial near Florence, Italy during November  2019. Much of these activities were filmed as part of a documentary which the team recently completed. This film, Finding Loren, will premiere at the Bradley Symphony Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this coming Saturday, September 25th, 2021.  A preview is shown below…

For those unable to be there in person, a private online screening of the documentary will also take place at 1:30pm (CDT) on the same date. Please click HERE for the link – there are no login codes required.



As AirCorps Aviation recently described this documentary as follows: “Finding Loren is the story of a young man, compelled to serve his country, who gave the ultimate sacrifice just days from victory in Europe celebrations (VE Day). Loren Hintz wasn’t a fighter ace, but his life and devotion to his country deserve the same recognition; we honor him by preserving his legacy.”

We couldn’t agree more… and hope that many of you will tune in this Saturday to watch Finding Loren too.


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