A6M Zero Demo/Hangar Talk at Planes of Fame December 3rd

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Final Hangar Talk of 2022

It’s been a great year for “Hangar Talk” in 2022 at the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California. They have held many informative and entertaining sessions covering a variety of topics such that these events have quickly become an audience favorite. Here’s the line-up for the museum’s December 3, 2022 event. Museum doors will open at 9:00am with the Hangar Talk beginning at 10:30am in the Maloney Hangar.

America’s Zero – The Story of the Planes of Fame Air Museum’s A6M5

Most combat veterans will tell you that surviving warfare is a combination of having the right skills, being in the right place at the right time and simple “good luck.” This is equally true for aircraft which have survived past conflicts. Planes of Fame’s Mitsubishi A6M5 “Zero”, which will feature in Saturday’s “Flying Demo”, is one such example of a combat aircraft which survived World War II due to its technology, the skill of its pilots, and simple good fortune. The museum’s Ken Saltgaver will walk visitors through this naval fighter plane’s unique history – from its manufacture through to its preservation by Planes of Fame. Along the way, you’ll see the role which good timing and luck played in the survival of this very rare aircraft.

Commemorating the 91st Bomb Group of World War II

Eighty years ago, the United States began building up its arsenal of heavy bomber aircraft and the crews to fly them in England. These men and machines would spend the next three years flying incredibly dangerous missions to help defeat the Nazi war machine and thus liberate the peoples of Europe. The 91st Bombardment Group was one of the first such units to arrive in the European Theater of Operations and, ultimately, one of the most highly decorated of the war. The museum’s Jim Llano will present the first in a series of upcoming presentations dedicated to honoring the men, machines, and missions of the 91st BG.

Hooray for Hollywood – the Veterans of World War II

World War Two involved total war. More specifically, the entire nation on the home front also felt the war’s impact, not just those on the front lines overseas. The museum’s Brian Finnegan will present a new series entitled, “Hooray for Hollywood” showcasing the many ways in which the film industry contributed to the war effort. To begin with, Finnegan will profile several performers who donned uniforms to actually serve in combat.

TED Talk: George Preddy – The Complete Fighter Pilot

Ted Mount returns to the podium with another of his unique insights into the people and events which have helped shape aviation history in ways that continue to affect our lives today. Saturday’s topic features America’s top World War II P-51 Mustang ace, George Preddy. Ted will share with us, via Preddy’s words and deeds, some of the keys to living a full life which still resonate in the modern world.

Flying Demo of the Planes of Fame Air Museum’s Mitsubishi A6M5 “Zero”

Over 11,000 Mitsubishi A6M “Zero” aircraft rolled off the production lines during World War II. Today, only a few examples remain, with barely a handful in airworthy condition. The Museum’s “Zero” has the distinction of being the world’s only “authentic” flying example; it still flies with its original Nakajima Sakae radial engine, unlike the others which use Ameriican made powerplants. When it takes to the sky on Saturday during the Flying Demo, museum visitors will not only see a rare sight, but they will also hear the actual sound of a Japanese Zero from World War II, something unavailable anywhere else in the world. The Flying Demo will begin at 12:15pm with a short outdoor presentation from David Willis. Then, pilot John Maloney will start up the 14-cylinder, 1,130 horsepower Sakae radial engine directly in front of museum visitors and taxi out for takeoff. Maloney will then fly over the museum for twenty minutes, demonstrating some of the Zero’s aerial qualities for the crowd. Upon his return, guests may ask questions of the pilot to learn a little more about what it’s like to fly this historic aircraft as well as others  in the museum’s collection.

In addition to these events, food trucks will be on-site at the museum. The entry admission sticker also provides a 10% discount at Flo’s Airport Cafe, located on the airport nearby the museum. The Planes of Fame youth programs team will also be on-hand for some fun projects for younger visitors, and museum guides will be available to answer questions. Don’t forget the museum’s gift shop either; it has plenty of “stocking stuffers” available for the upcoming holidays.

Please note – road construction adjoining the airport has begun, so visitors should expect potential traffic delays and allow additional time for their journey to the museum.

The museum’s doors will open at 9:00am; regular admission will furnish entry into the museum for the day, and also include access to the Hangar Talk and flying demo. As always, museum members get in for free!


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