Martin Mars Possibly Moving to British Columbia Aviation Museum

Hawaii Mars entering the water yesterday to begin preparations for the Ultimate Flying Experience as well as her upcoming trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for EAA AirVenture 2016. (photo by Rob Frolic)


One of the most iconic  US NAVY WWII aircraft, the mighty Martin Mars could be heading to the British Columbia Aviation Museum. Operated by Coulson Aviation Group, t
he Hawaii Mars flew from 1961 to 2015 around North America fighting over 4,000 wildfires with its massive water-dropping ability that could end a huge blaze in a single pass. These enormous red and white aircraft captured the hearts of British Columbians for how they saved BC forests, this is the main reason the British Columbia Aviation Museum decided to inquire with Coulson Group.

Nothing compared to the Coulson Aviation’s magnificent Martin Mars for shear spectacle though… It was a glorious thing to see in flight… (photo by Richard Mallory Allnutt)

Martin Mars were built by the US Navy during World War II to transport troops across the Pacific. In 1960 they were brought to Canada for a radical conversion to become waterbombers. They went on to be based at Sproat Lake, BC for 6 decades.

After the current owners, Coulson Aviation Group, retired their Mars fleet several years ago, the BC Aviation Museum began discussions with the owners, the intention being for the iconic Mars to become the signature display in the museum’s growing British Columbia wildfire aviation exhibit. Discussions are still ongoing. When the donation is successfully concluded, the museum has exciting new upgrades planned to further enhance the visitor experience.

The British ColumbiaAviation Museum celebrates the past, present, and future of BC aviation with one of the largest
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Hawaii Mars Taking on Water in Preparation for Bombing Run


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